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Order a gift basket full of goodies!

These baskets are customized according to the content you choose, and you must contact me to build your basket.  

Bronze Basket contents ($25):  1 soap bar, 1 tea tin, 1 soap tray, 1 lip balm

Silver Basket contents ($50):  2 soap bars, 2 tea tins, 1 soap tray, 1 loofah, 1 lip balm

Gold Basket contents ($75):    1 glass tea pot,  1 tea tin, 1 blooming tea pod, 2 soap bars, 1 soap tray, 1 loofah, 1 lip balm

We are more than happy to create a TOTAL CUSTOM basket for you. Contact us directly so we can build your perfect basket.

The pictured basket contains a sisal shower loofah, a wooden soap dish, a vanilla lip balm, a black raspberry vanilla soap bar, a cherry blossom soap bar, and a lavender lotion bar (which is currently out of stock).

Gift Basket

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